The Hughes Collection features Whitetail deer and American elk antler accent items designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone wanting to add a rustic, outdoor feel to a home, cabin or office. Each piece is fashioned from the most realistic synthetic antlers ever developed. Affordable, life-life synthethic, hand stained and painted -- these pieces of artwork bring the wonders of nature into your home or office.

Antler Chandeliers
The Hughes Collection presents nine different ceiling chandeliers. They are meticulously intertwined to hold 26 lights - perfect for entry ways or any high ceiling room. The Allegheny is constructed of 34 antlers and holds 14 lights. The Appalachian consists of 19 antlers and holds 8 lights. Our Cascade is made from 19 antlers with 6 lights.

Antler Candelabras
As a final lighting touch to your room we offer four styles of decorative candelabras - a three and four candle design with unique base arrangements, plus an inverted antler candelabra set crafted from a left and right whitetail deer antler. Another is a four candle piece featuring a single shed antler from an American elk. Our moose antler candelabra with four candles held by a palmated moose antler shed.

Antler Lamps
To compliment our antler chandeliers The Hughes Collection offers 5 unique lamp configurations. Each light is covered with a unique shade, perfectly matched to compliment the colors and look of the antler bases. To add a matching wall piece, our collection includes two wall sconces, a right-hand and left-hand model complete with matching shades.